The thing that killed HMV

I’m not claiming to be normal, but the thing which killed HMV (or more specifically Fopp) for me was Borders closing.

When Borders closed, I was less inclined to go into town for an afternoon of mooching around bookshops, so instead, I got myself an Amazon Prime account, and shopped for books online.  Later a branch of Costa Coffee opened in Bar Hill, so I no longer had to go to town to find a coffee shop to read in.  Then I realized amazon Prime could be used to buy all the other little things I would make one off shopping trips for.  Finally I got a Kindle, and my need for instant gratification book buying was over.

For me HMV and Fopp were mainly ever impulse purchases.  I wasn’t a big music or DVD buyer, so I probably didn’t keep them alive – but its an important note:  The things that drew me to the highstreet are gone.  The high street is an ecosystem – and for me, its a ecosystem that is quickly dying.

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