Holidays For Introverts and Extraverts

I began thinking about this when it occurred to me that sometimes, when I holiday alone, my main motivation for leaving my hotel room is that a cleaner is due to show up, and i don’t really want the human contact that that would involve.  This means I end up having a less reflective and quiet holiday than I might like.

I also notice that by the end of my holidays, I’m going a little stir crazy, and have to get out and do something.

I also notice that sometimes my wife wants to go on holiday with me.

Initially I thought “Maybe I should rent a cottage” that way there are no cleaners, and I can just lock myself away from the world and get on with enjoying my life.  I can deal with the stir crazy as it happens.  I suggested this to my wife who said “Maybe my mum and I could come and visit”.  I hope she was joking.

But maybe there is a place for a holiday camp targeted at people who have different social needs.  I was thinking that at one end you might have secluded cottages, woodland trails, and notices asking people to be quiet.  Perhaps – if we are going into full ‘Centreparcs for Introverts’ mode we could have a library with lots of reading nooks, and maybe some meditation rooms.  As you move out of the woodland, you reach a central hum.  at the introvert room, there is a restaurant with lots of tables for one – each table sporting a device for holding your book open.  And a place to get takeaways from, which you can take back to your cabin.  Beyond that there is a coffee shop.  and beyond that another restaurant – this one with bigger tables, where you are seated with other randomly selected people and encouraged to talk – perhaps participating in communal eating experiences like fondue.

Moving beyond, i can’t conceive of the things that there might be – it would be something like Butlins crossed with Babylon.  I would leave this up to someone else to design.  I suspect there would be pubs with loud music, nightclubs, and all sorts of sporting events.  I don’t need to know – I would never venture that far.  But I would be able to join my wife in the communal restaurant some times, and after doing whatever social things people do, she might enjoy coming into the introverted area for a spell of peace and quiet (though I doubt she would step through the door of the library)

I don’t know if this is the start of a business plan, or just a feverish dream.

But it sounds quite nice.  To me, at least.

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