2 Or 3 More Quick App Ideas

1.  Bring the dating site to the app.  Let people answer questions about themselves, one at a time, as many as they like.  Don’t worry about a written profile.  Match people based on their responses (The clever idea here:  make all the questions on a sliding scale – when you’re asking what you want in a partner use a slider with two slidey-bar-things on it.  All very nice and touch oriented).  Report only matches that are good and near you.  This has the interesting property that it will find you interesting people to meet, even on holiday… we can market it to the Shirley Valentine crowd.  When both decide they want to chat, offer a text-message like interface for taking.

2.  PhotoAnything.  Take a photo on your phone.  Share them to our server.  Other people will see them (anonymised).  They then need to figure out where the photo was taken, go there, and take another, overlapping photo.  We can rate general success based on geo-location, then the original user (or other viewers) can make a more accurate yes-or-no answer.  Meanwhile we build a big cloud of photos of where people go most… which must have some use.

3. Dating site part two:  pick who you date using a touch interface.  But when you find someone who doesn’t suit you, but you know who they will suit, you can suggest they they should meet up – which is communicated by giving that person a tag saying (” people have suggested you might match).  You can also match up any friends in your phone book – we use things like phone numbers and email addresses to see if they are the same people – so when you join, you might find lots of people have already said you should match up with someone else you know.

Added extra idea – monetise the dating app by selling ‘mystery date’ vouchers.  Each member of a couple puts in their own share, and tick the sort of thing they want to do (in fact, with idea 1, we probably know this anyway), when then use the total money to by a ‘date for 2′ voucher which has been sold groupon-style (but probably at less of a loss for the establishment).  This could be 2 pints at a pub, or a ride of 2 in a hot air balloon depending on how generous you both are. [vouchers will be picked using locality information].  Each person just gets given a location and a time (Previously negotiated) to turn up.  We profit the ad revenue.

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