You can’t have success without stepping outside of your comfort zone.  If you could, then you would already have success.

To step outside of your comfort zone requires willpower.

Willpower comes in a limited supply.  It can get used up.

You can find ways of increasing your supply of willpower – with practice, or (strangely – but apparently true) by consuming glucose

But the best way to ensure you have enough willpower is to not use too much of it

You don’t have to step too far outside of your comfort zone – anywhere outside is outside and has potential that inside your comfort zone didn’t have

It’ll probably help, too, if you stop doing those things you currently find uncomfortable, but think you have to do (but for which you never see any real results).  They drain lots of your willpower.

And your comfort zone will grow.  Often quite quickly.  You’ll be back inside before you know it.

And if you go out of your comfort zone in a direction which relies on and builds on your strengths – it will hardly take any willpower to get to the point where your comfort zone grows.

And will you have success then?  Who knows.  But if you don’t, all you have to do is take another step outside of your comfort zone.

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