Gluten Free Kitchen

Apparently – having spoken to some bakers – there is a big demand (and lots of profit to be made) from gluten free food.  Many have said they would love to add it to their repertoire, were it not for one thing:  the EU regulations which specify exactly how non-contaminated their work-spaces have to be.

Now, I’m not knocking the EU regulations – they are there for a really good reason.

And I’m not knocking the bakers – it would be really hard to get their work-spaces quite as gluten free as they would need to be.

But lots of these bakers would only want to cook small batches of gluten free food every so often – certainly not as their main product.  So it occurs to me:  would there be a market for a gluten free kitchen that people can rent?

My guess is that, yes, there probably would.  Such a kitchen could be set up in an industrial unit, and would require a member of staff to supervise and ensure there was no contamination and that the kitchen was left in a reasonable state, and probably a cleaning staff – the costs needn’t be particularly high.  Moreover a communal centre like this would give restaurants, hotels and shops a local place to go to find gluten free food for their gluten free customers – and to let the users network with their competition, and their potential partners.

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