Anonymous Social Networking

Think of a microblogging site – like twitter – but with autogenerated usernames, and nothing like geolocation built in.

Imagine you can tag your anonytweets (ala delicious, or many other sites) – and so can other anonytweeters.  They can also rank your relevance to particular tags (up or down – like reddit, perhaps) – or just converse with you.

Perhaps there’ll be some funky way of proving your identity in public – so that you can become well known under your pseudonym – then go public.

There would have to be good discovery tools (which would have to identify and avoid spam – for example)

But over all the idea is about building a reputation for what you say and what you like – without it being based on who you are – and without fear that you can ruin your personal rep (or – perhaps more importantly – your professional rep)… because tomorrow (or even today) you can be someone totally different if you wish.

[incidentally there might be other problems here - its hard to see a good monetization model - especially while keeping a reasonably level of anonymity.  And given that it could be used for nefarious purposes, one might want to allow some sort of mirroring feature to be built in to work around specific government ordered blocking requests.  Finally you might want to find a way that users can hide their IP address.  You would need to be very careful about libel law too... ]

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