A UI Thought – ordering icons

The windows 7 taskbar – if you have only a few windows open – shows images for all the windows you can select from a taskbar icon.

When I use a dual screen monitor I generally use one screen for “stuff I’m doing” and one for “other stuff and reference”.  In my case, I do stuff on the right monitor and reference stuff on the left.

So when I see the icons brought up from clicking on the taskbar, I assume the window I want will be on the right if it’s something I’m working on and on the left if its something I’m doing.  This assumption is generally wrong.

So what I would like to see:  Well, you could just order the icons left to right by window position (and then maybe by either height or z-order to resolve disputes), or failing that (because its actually may not give the results you want), an icon list for each monitor would be good.  Which monitor should a window crossing 2 screens be listed under?  The one it would fill when maximised – after all maximising is something you can do from this menu.


Bonus points if I can move a window from one screen to the other by dragging it’s icon position.


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