Raspberry Pi Idea : Hotel Router / Corporate Presentation Box

To be fair, in the US it seems hotels are now generally coming with free wifi.  In the UK this is less true.  Anyhow, the device I want could, presumably, be built from a Raspberry PI, 2 usb Wifi dongles and a bit of love)

1. The device should be able to run a wifi network with NAT that you log into like you would a hotel network.  Maybe with a bit more security on top if it can be done in a user friendly way.

2. The device should be able to connect by wire – or by another wifi dongle to the hotel or company network you are visiting.

3. The device should bridge the networks.  Now all your wifi attached devices will work wherever you are without having more than one lot of tricky config to do.

4. The device should be entirely controlled by web pages (which you can access from your phone or PC… because its doing DNS and NAT)

5. But the device should be able to output graphics over its video out port.

6.  With this you have the beginnings of something that can be used to control projectors wherever you go.  And your phone can now double as the clicker… but can also let you do things like data entry if you want to personalise a presentation on the fly.

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