App Idea: What should we do tonight?

Lets say I’m at home and at a loose end.  I go to my app “What should I do tonight” and it suggests a location I should go to.  It suggests this based on a recommendation engine, based on my prior nights out and how I have rated them.

So far, so tripadvisor

But after I have said I plan on going to a particular location, the app knows who I enjoy hanging around with (they all have this app too), and it might suggest they go to the same venue.  It might even alert them saying “I have a suggestion of where to go tonight”

The app doesn’t even have to know who my friends are.  If we always check in (or at least let the app know where we are when we have a good time) it can figure out other app users around us – and build our gang of people who are always around without our obvious involvement.

Monetization?  Think advertising.  Think money off coupons and special deals. Think being able to track where else your bar’s regulars go.

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