App Idea: Full Screen Phone

I’m noticing that my phone is particularly good at being a notification device – something similar to what we used to use icons on the right hand side of the windows task bar for – telling me when I have something  I have to pay attention to.

Meanwhile my monitor, keyboard and mouse are still where I live most of the time, and where I get the most done.

Ideally, when my phone notifies me I have something I ought to pay attention to, then I should be able to make it pop up on my screen – giving me something like a VNC session with which I can control my phone (and yes, it should also mean my PC speakers become my phones speakers, and my PC microphone becomes my phone  microphone – that way I only need to use one headset).

The connection could – for all I care – be over the network – cell or wifi.  But since I leave my phone plugged into my computer by USB cable all day, that would also be fine (moreover, it would be a good way of knowing that I’m PC attached)

Extra points for giving me an API I can use so that I can make reading and responding text messages from my PC friendlier than just using a VNC-alike connection.

Extra extra points for letting me communicate from my phone to my PC while in this mode – for example, when I open a web link, give me the opportunity to open it (I undertand fonleap are doing something along those particular lines, but its only part of what I require.  Someone make a phone that does all of this, please!)

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